C3Prefab: v2.0
A Second Design for the Suite of C3Prefab Homes C3Prefab v2.0 is a next generation design in the suite of high performance homes by Square Root Architecture + Design. This home utilizes a prefabricated SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) wall system for the entire exterior including the roof, creating a highly-insulated and thermally-broken building envelope. This form of prefab, often generically referred to as a ‘flat-pack’ system is erected in tandem with site-built framing to produce a hybrid type of construction that harnesses the finer qualities of both types of construction. Exterior framing times are reduced due to the panelized exterior, thus the home can be ‘weather tight’ in a shorter amount of time, speeding up the construction schedule and reducing the potential for weather related delays. The design of v2.0 is a refinement of previous designs as an effort to further reduce construction costs and improve energy efficiency and overall building performance. A compact, rectangular, open floor plan on the ground level, plenty of natural light and strong connections to the exterior along with high ceilings, allow a compact foot print to feel extremely comfortable. This home also boasts a full finished basement with in-floor radiant heat, but could also be constructed over a crawl space or slab-on-grade to further reduce site costs. A shed style roof caps off the home and directs storm water into rainwater cisterns at grade for landscape irrigation. A connection between the back porch and the roof deck of the garage was designed to increase entertainment and leisure space in lieu of a roof deck on the main roof of the home. Exterior materials include corrugated metal siding, painted cement board panels, and ipe wood siding. Interior finishes include wide plank oak flooring along with low-VOC paints, water based finishes, and a custom kitchen. Along with contributions to site water management, water usage reduction, energy conservation, and indoor air quality this project achieves a high level of sustainability within a modest budget. High-efficiency mechanical systems are complemented by renewable energy provided by a solar thermal panel system. This project will receive EnergyStar and Indoor AirPlus certifications. This home is to be third-party tested for a HERS (Home Energy Rating System) score of 43, meaning that its energy efficiency is 57% better than a comparable standard built home. All C3Prefab homes are available for customization to fit the lifestyle and budget of a potential homeowner. © Square Root Architecture + Design, Ltd.